Teacher Peer Self


During one of our first meetings together, I asked low-income, inner city, 7th- and 8th- graders to write one answer for each of three questions onto individual 3 x 5” notecards. Students were enrolled in Conflict Resolution, a preventative program developed as part of Growing Examples. http://www.growingexamples.org The following is a list of their answers, in no particular order.


One thing I expect from my teacher:

Be respectful

Be able to control the students

A lesson


Teach what they have to teach and get rid of the annoying people

Treat me the same way they would like to be treated

Stay strong, be brave, be strict and be caring

Stop quitting on us and letting us get to them

Respect and patience


One thing I expect from my peers:

Treat me with respect

Be good people

Be kind, be loyal, be respectful

Let me learn


Respect and appreciate more, teach others and teachers


Be respectful to others

Be respectful or better influences


One thing I expect from myself:

Be more patient; stop having anger problems

Pay attention/listen

Be respectful



Be respectful to myself and to others; learn how to control my actions

Self-esteem in great amounts

Succeed in life; be respectful to people that are talking

Not worry about others think

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