Bǎwò Guāngyīn


Bǎwò Guāngyīn

Ken brought Chinese take-out and a bottle of Mezcal for dinner one night last month. The fortune in my cookie read, “Keep it simple. The more you say, the less people will remember.”

I laughed at the presence of the tequila. “I need to photograph this and use it for the blog when I don’t have a topic, or when I don’t have time to write one week.” I said, lifting my highball. My iPhone was in my pocket. It has a great camera.

“Oh yea, read mine, Cutie.” Ken passed me his slip of cheap white paper, his thumb lingering in the center of my open palm, his eyes sparkling.

“Learn to speak Chinese, Nǐ hǎo, hello.” I read. Ken smiled.

“Yea, turn it over, Smartass,” Ken quipped and pulled his hand away.

I turned the fortune over to read, “Flattery will go far tonight.” And it did…

I didn’t photograph the cookie fortune, though. I thought about it again the next day, “Oh, I really want to photograph that fortune for the blog.” Again, phone in pocket, slip of white paper with little red letters readily available, but no photo-taking. The fortune, “Keep it simple. The more you say, the less people will remember,” remained on the small kitchen table.

Two weeks later, while packing the Macbook Pro for the short trip I was taking, and the essay I’d be writing: “This is a great week to use that fortune cookie photo,” I said to the unmade bed, “Keep it simple.” But then went back to packing, and, for a third time, I didn’t get the pic.

As I am tasked with this essay, I am missing the lost opportunities I had to make this post really great. Really short. Really simple. I am missing the photo I didn’t take of the fortune cookie. “Keep it simple. The more you say, the less people will remember.”

Now, the accompanying photo for this essay is the “click to add” photos screenshot from the Facebook “create an event” page. Great, Joe. Next time, how about a little “Carpe Diem,” or, as the interweb says is Mandarin for the classic Latin, “Bǎwò Guāngyīn.” Carpe diem, seize the day, keep it simple. I sit here writing, lamenting, “What’s more simple than smartphone photography?”


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